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Thinking about Christmas…

I’ve revamped the “Products” section of The Problem Site to include some new features, including attractive images of many of the products, along with links to online stores where you can purchase the products.

During the next three months (October, November, and December), while people are thinking about and planning for Christmas, I’ll be updating this section of the site every Monday morning with a new educational game or toy that you might consider buying for a child or grandchild (or, in some cases, for a teacher).

Last week I posted about Chocabloc, which is a pentomino set which looks like chocolate!

Tomorrow I’ll have a brand new product posted. Be sure to check in each week for the latest product.

Some Websites

Education is important to us, both the intellectual pursuits of reading, writing and arithmetic, and religious training.  Thus, we own and operate several websites designed to stimulate both the mind and the spirit.  From time to time, when there are new links to share on these sites, I’ll add a new post here.  Here are some of our most popular sites:

The Problem Site
Quote Puzzler
Biblical Illuminations
Portland Proof
Articles for Educators

A complete listing of our sites can be found using our Site Spinner

Have fun browsing!