Monthly Archives: December 2014

Gluten-Free Fried Dough

A year ago we went to the fair and Laura had fried dough.  Being gluten-free, of course, I couldn’t have any.  So I came home and looked up a recipe.  They do exist.  And maybe some of them are pretty good.  But the one I found was pretty heavy on the eggs, and didn’t really taste much like fried dough.  (I know, the eggs provided some of the fat that held it together, but it just didn’t taste right.)

Anyway, why am I bringing up the subject now?  Because a couple weeks ago, I discovered how to make GF fried dough by accident.

A couple weeks ago Laura used my biscuit recipe, and while I was eating the nice, piping hot biscuit, a thought crossed my mind: I bet if I put BUTTER and CINNAMON SUGAR on this biscuit, it would have the taste and texture of fried dough.

I was right.

So forget the fried dough. Make my biscuits and go crazy with the sugar coating.  Done.