Goodbye Gluten

In late 2011, I started having some unusual physical ailments – most of which I won’t trouble you with here!  I started playing around with my diet, as well as visiting doctors to see if we could figure out if I had developed an allergy of some sort.  Many experiments and doctor’s appointments later, we realized that the solution was staring us in the face: even though I don’t have celiac, or even a wheat intolerance, eating things with gluten made my system go haywire.

We didn’t know for a long time if it was wheat or gluten that gave me problems, and we kept saying “One of these days we’ll try something with barley.  If that gives a problem, we’ll know it’s a gluten issue.”  But we kept putting it off, because I was always so busy I didn’t want to have my body turn my life upside down for a few days.  Finally, in Sept of 2013, we got around to testing with some barley lentil soup.

Well, it was delicious soup, but the results weren’t pretty.  So now it’s official.  I’m saying “Goodbye Gluten!”  I love experimenting in the kitchen, so I’m developing my own recipes, which I will post here from time to time.

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